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My son’s second military graduation.

When your child exclaims, “mother, I am enlisting in United States Marine Corps,” your heart drops for a second. And just as fast, a sensation of pride begins to flow through your veins. Three years ago, my oldest son embarked on a journey to earn the title of a United States commissioned officer. In total, he would attend three separate training evolutions: basic recruit Marine Corps training, the Naval Preparatory Academy School, and finally, the Navy Academy in Annapolis, MD. The following is my journey, up to now, as a military mom.

MCRD San Diego, CA

Boot camp was not easy for me. I know I was not the one doing push-ups and being yelled at by drill instructors, but my routine of communication with my firstborn was a challenge. No more quick text to make sure he was safe, and more so, I was unable to pick up the phone and provide motherly advice. His new ‘mother’ was a seasoned drill instructor. Over the next 90 days of training, I communicated mostly through letters (snail mail) with the occasional 90-second phone call from him to ask specific questions. One being, are you coming to graduation, and did you buy your [my] ticket.

Submit your information to a military agent to be kept in the loop on graduation travel. All of your information is confidential and not shared with any outside company. 

The first graduation: MCRD San Diego, CA

My son was considered a west coast recruit and, more humorously, a Hollywood Marine. San Diego, CA, is home to MCRD basic training, and planning our trip to graduation wasn’t easy, especially when you have a limited budget. Most discouraging, I didn’t know when to buy our airline tickets or if we needed to purchase his ticket back home. I worried my son would have additional stress thinking about our travel plans, and if he needed to buy his own ticket [which we found out later was only allowed late in the training cycle].

Family day on Thursday – the first time you see your recruit.

Thankfully, I was able to piece together a travel plan using online trave sites and some guidance from social media friends who had been in my shoes. In the end, his entire family was able to celebrate our brand-new Marine’s graduation!

The Second Graduation: Naval Preparatory Academy School

Two years later, and three months out from his next graduation, I am starting the planning process for traveling to Rhode Island. My son will soon graduate from the Naval Academy Preparatory School and embark on his final stages of becoming an officer. Unlike boot camp graduation, I am more prepared in travel planning after being introduced to https://www.MilitaryGraduations.com

Booking your military and graduation travel.

MilitaryGraduations.com is a veteran-owned travel agency staffed by active-duty spouses and veteran travel agents. With over 20 years of experience, they have been able to provide support for my airline tickets, hotel reservations, and car rental. 

I didn’t realize there was a difference in where I book my travel. I thought all online sites and travel agencies were the same.

  • Military travel agents can change tickets for free if dates are changed.
  • Military fares for the candidate’s return flight home and return to Annapolis.
  • Active duty is eligible for a 100% refund on unused tickets.
  • Hotel rates can be lower for military families and friends.
  • And most important, the agents provide top-notch customer support.
As a mother and active duty spouses I highly recommend letting the military agents at MilitaryGraduations.com support your travel. The service is free and will guarantee the lowest fares and rates. Use the form below to contact them or text/call 202-519-9195. 

Until next time (graduation number three) in Annapolis, may your travels be as stress free and pleasant as mine 😊.

I highly recommend using https://www.MiitaryGraduations.com. The agents understand the needs of moms and dads, spouses, and loved ones, just like you and me.